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Practical Photography Magazine

Frequency: 13 issues per year
Cover Price: £4.99

Practical Photography - June 2015

The June issue of Practical Photography is on sale now and includes an exclusive FREE memory card case*, perfect for your SD cards and photo accessories like spare batteries and lens cloths. *WHSmith and supermarkets (UK only)

Not only will you get this special gift, you’ll also get all of this…

• An inspirational 132-page magazine celebrating the art of black & white and exploring the creative possibilities of this timeless medium. Plus, three ways to shoot evocative travel images, a colourful summer landscape masterclass, in-depth reviews of the Canon M3 and Pentax K-S2, and lots more.

• The latest Learn Photography Now CD-ROM features over 35 minutes of camera lessons and Photoshop tutorials. This month, fine art mono specialist Steve Gosling talks moody landscapes, how to shoot wide-aperture portraits, beginner’s guide to street photography, and more. Watch the trailer here.

• Your revamped camera buyer’s guide features prices, spec and reviews of every interchangeable lens camera.

• Nine new and exclusive black & white Actions for Photoshop and Elements will give your images a stylish mono makeover in a single click.


Shoot stylish black & white: Discover an exciting world beyond colour where tone, contrast and texture rule. This is your complete guide!

Live for the music: One of Europe’s most in-demand live music photographers, Javier Bragado, shares the secrets behind his success.

5 steps to shooting colourful landscapes: Inject new life into your scenics by capturing the vibrant colours of late spring and summer.

Master the art of travel photography: Capture the colours and characters of your travels this year to guarantee a portfolio worth coming home to.

Female of the species: Find out how wildlife ace Johan Swanepoel captured a breathtaking image of a lioness in a rare rain shower.

Camera School Creative: Sign up to our new summer course here and flex your creative muscle. Includes videos and expert feedback on your images.

Know your stuff: The best gear for wildlife, shoot amazing time-lapse videos, shutter speed v camera shake, and how to create a levitation image.

Editing Suite: Create dramatic mono from a RAW file, dodge and burn for contrast, and tone with colour. Plus, install and apply your FREE Actions.

Get into gear: In-depth reviews of Canon’s M3 and Pentax’s K-S2, plus Tamron v Sigma 150-600mm superzoom head-to-head and much more.