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Practical Photography Magazine

Frequency: 13 issues per year
Cover Price: £4.99

The August issue of Practical Photography is on sale Thursday 7th July.

Highlights include:
Free video disc: 45 minutes of expert camera and editing lessons plus 16 sharpening Actions for Photoshop and Elements
Build your own wildlife portfolio: Learn the five key techniques that will help you master every type of shot, from freezing action to capturing macro minibeasts
I wish I’d taken that: Find out how to create inspirational images that will leave viewers in awe, with expert advice from Bella Kotak and more
Impossible memories: Dina Belenko shares her enchanting conceptual still life creations and guides us through her creative process
Pretty flamingoes: Tejas Soni crawls on his belly in simmering 43º heat to shoot a flock of sun-kissed flamingoes
Street child: Olivia Acland and the Street Child charity are working to improve the lives of 50,000 children in Sierra Leone
Get into gear: The six highest resolution cameras go head to head, including Canon’s 5DS and Nikon’s D810
Editing suite: Discover three ways to enhance your wildlife images in Photoshop. Plus, watch the Photoshop tutorial on your free video disc


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