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Photo answers

Practical Photography Magazine

Frequency: 13 issues per year
Cover Price: £4.99

The July issue of Practical Photography is on sale Thursday 9th June.

Highlights include:

Free memory stick – grab your free 5GB Hähnel Extreme memory stick ** available only at Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Free video disc – Over 50 minutes of expert hands-on photo lessons and tutorials to help you shoot better pictures.

5 things to shoot right now – check out five exciting genres that you’ve always wanted to experiment with and revolutionise your photography.

Capture emotion – learn how to infuse emotion into your images with the help of three pro photographers.

Clean, Elegant and Feminine – Lisa-Marie McGinn explains how she has brought a sense of style and grace to fashion photography.

The Rock – journey with Patrick di Fruscia to learn how he took his inspiration from natural landscapes to form a professional career.

The Life Aquatic – Maria Svarbova explains how her local swimming pool’s Soviet-influenced architecture has lead her to a unique portfolio of painterly portraits.


Editing suite – enhance your photography with our step-by-step tutorials on control colour and tone, giving your shots a high-definition effect and creating a vintage vibe.

Get into gear – The fastest ever APS-C DLSR has been released after seven years of waiting. Does the Nikon D500 live up to our expectations?

Photoshop tutorials – you’ll find two creative editing videos on your free Learn Photography Now disc.

Free image grid templates – use our free templates to create stunning collages. Choose between 16 grids of various shapes and sizes for the perfect collection.

Complete camera guide - Free ebook with concise reviews, spec and prices for every current DLSR and CSC model.

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