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Practical Photography Magazine

Frequency: 13 issues per year
Cover Price: £4.99

Practical Photography - May 2015

The May issue of Practical Photography is on sale now and includes a FREE 40-page photo holidays and courses directory* packed with hands-on workshops and tuition for every subject. *UK only

Not only will you get this exciting supplement, you’ll also get all this…

132 pages of inspirational photography, in-depth subject and techniques guides, and fascinating interviews. This issue, how to create perfect light, turn fruit and veg into miniature landscapes, full review of the Nikon D7200, and much more.

New Learn Photography Now CD-ROM featuring over 35 minutes of lessons on shooting wild birds, basic studio lighting and painting with light. See trailer here.

5 exclusive Photoshop Actions for adding incredible detail to your portraits in a single click.

Revamped camera buyer’s guide with price, specs and reviews of every interchangeable lens camera.


How to create dramatic light: Harness the power of photography’s most important weapon and completely transform your images.

Up close and personal: Will Burrard-Lucas and his BeetleCam have gotten closer to Africa’s wildlife than other mere mortals dare. Find out how!

Create your own miniature worlds: Use everyday objects to create city skylines and mind-bending landscapes.

Adrenaline junkie: Award-winning action photographer Stéphane Candé shares the secrets behind his dynamic mountain bike image.

Camera School: A complete beginner’s guide to shooting graphic abstracts. Plus, get expert feedback on your images!

Know your stuff: How to shoot a tilt and shift style image, which filters are available for DSLRs, how to fire your camera remotely, and more.

Editing suite: Improve portraits with three essential image editing techniques, from simple skin retouching to changing hair colour.

Get into gear: Full reviews of Nikon’s D7200, Olympus’ OM-D E-M5 and Panasonic’s GF7. Plus, the five best retro cameras, Canon’s 11-24mm lens and the latest photo accessories.