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Manfrotto presents the new tripod series

By PA News Team

Product news

07 October 2013 17:24

The 190 model is Manfrotto’s most popular tripod and has become the pivot for all the photo-supports range. As a result of its effort to always anticipate trends and provide a comprehensive range of cutting edge photographic solutions, Manfrotto launches the new 190 tripod with exclusive and stylish additional features. Aimed mainly at hobbyists, the new 190 is a unique tripod that provides greater compactness and portability, plus offers versatile settings that help to release the imagination and creativity of every photographer.

One of the most innovative aspects of the new 190 is the mechanism to operate the new 90° column. It is accessed only when needed and with a quick ‘one finger’ operation at the bottom of the centre column, the mechanism appears from the main casting of the tripod allowing the column to tilt. Both the new column mechanism and 4 leg section models have a more compact closed dimension which allows for easier portability. Thanks to these features, the new 190 is perfect for every occasion: you can carry it everywhere, without worrying about the space in your bag.

Key technical features
The new quick power lock (QPL) system is one of the most eye-catching and unique features of the new 190. It is a strong, ultra fast and ergonomic locking system that allows for quick, complete extension of the legs with operation of all locks, on each leg, possible with one hand.
- The new Rotating Levelling Bubble is quick to set up and allows the tripod to be positioned more precisely. It is easy to use, whatever the shape of the head or however the tripod is set up.
- The new Leg Angle Selectors are also easy to set up, as they are made following the most innovative ergonomic standards and prevent fingers being trapped in the upper casting.

The new 190 is available in aluminium and carbon fibre versions. For more information click here.

MT190XPRO3 - £184.95
MT190XPRO4 - £199.95
MT190CXPRO3 - £344.95
MT190CXPRO4 - £359.95