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Joby Gorillapod

Be aware of fake Joby Gorillapod products

By PA News Team

Product news

17 October 2012 09:00

Consumers warned to beware of fake JOBY Gorillapod products.

The UK team for Joby Gorillapod tripods and accessories has issued a warning to beware of fake Joby products which are circulating – including tripods from its most popular Gorillapod range.

At the recent Photokina Show in Cologne, Joby representatives took decisive action against two manufacturers of “rip-off” products. In the presence of Photokina show organisers and security, imitation products and promotional material were confiscated from the booths of two Far-East based manufacturers.

Loraine Morgan, Senior Marketing Manager for Joby in the UK said: ‘Since the original GorillaPod was launched, we have always taken a strong stance with manufacturers and distributors of products that infringe on our design patents – and will always take action to close down such activity.

‘The quality of these products is poor and ultimately it is the consumer who suffers when they buy a product that does not deliver the function and reliability of a genuine Joby product.’

Consumers are reminded that only genuine Joby products carry the brand logo – and cheap imitations will not be of the same quality and may not meet UK safety standards.

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