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Three Legged Thing 3LT X2 ‘Eddie’

Three Legged Thing 3LT X2 ‘Eddie’


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The Three Legged Thing 3LT X2 ‘Eddie’ model is a clean-cut, extremely light tripod weighing just 1.29kg without a head (the same as Manfrotto’s 190CX Pro 3).

Three Legged Thing is a relatively new brand in the photography market and specialises in a wide range of tripods and tripod accessories. As well as producing travel tripods and monopods, it offers a selection of three carbon-fibre models and has assigned them the names ‘Brian’, ‘Eddie’ and ‘Jimmy’. ‘Brian’ is the most compact; ‘Eddie’ can support up to 12kg and ‘Jimmy’ features a 4-leg section design.
Featuring an impressive 1660mm maximum working height with the centre column extended, it uses the twist-lock style of leg lock and can be assembled from its 44cm folded height to its full height in just over 30secs – not fast, but a reasonable performance.
With a minimum working height of 17cm, the centre column can be unscrewed and reversed but can’t be set to a horizontal position. At the base of the centre column there’s a spring ballast hook that’s useful for hanging your bag on to increase stability and the legs can be spread to three angles, or completely inverted, but we would have liked to have seen the push-pull releases spring loaded to ease and quicken set-up times.
Surprisingly for a tripod in this price bracket it doesn’t feature a spirit level but to its advantage one of the legs can be unscrewed and used as a monopod if required. Fully assembled, the tripod did flex a little, but the legs didn’t slip or give in to heavy pressure.
‘Eddie’ supports 1/4in and 3/8in screw heads and is available with a ball head for £279 or without for £229. If you opt for the ball head, it’s incredibly smooth to use and great for rapid camera adjustments, but the quick
release isn’t the snap-on type, so takes a few seconds to tighten and secure.
All in all, the 3LT X2 is a superbly constructed tripod that feels durable and up to most jobs. It may not have all the features we’d expect to see from a five-star set of sticks, but its handy maximum working height, combined with its lightweight feel and compact folded height make it great for travelling and the carrycase it comes with is a novel touch. 

Street Price: £279 (with head)
Load Capacity: 12kg
Minimum Height: 170mm
Maximum Height: 1660mm
Folded Height 440mm
Tube Diameter: 28mm
Leg Sections: 5
Leg Locks: Twist type
Head type: B3s ball head
Tripod Mount: 1/4in and 3/8in threads
Weight: 1.29kg

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Photo answers rating rating is 4

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Three Legged Thing 3LT X2 ‘Eddie’


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