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Tesco photobook editor

Tesco photobook


Photo answers rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 0
It may not be a photo specialist but retail giant Tesco produces an excellent photobook.

Photo answers review

Photo answers rating rating is 4

Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the UK, and despite not being a photo specialist the brand takes this side of the business very seriously. The photobook range is excellent, with a good mix of products on offer. As you may expect, pricing is very competitive, especially when compared to some very similar offerings that appear to come from the same factory. One of the great things about this service is that you can collect your photobook from your local Tesco store. The downside is that this is currently PC-only.

Interface & ease of use
This is a most comprehensive service, with an interface that you download to your PC and use to create the book to be uploaded. You have plenty of template options and backgrounds, including a wide range of colours and masking frames.

Print quality & finish
We opted for the glossy pages at an extra £6.60, which add a quality feel but do pick up fingerprints easily. The colours were very bold and general print quality good. Some images were printed too dark, but overall it was a pleasing result.

Dimensions: 28x21cm
Page count: 24
Price: £26.14
P&P: £2.50
Computer: PC

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Tesco photobook


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