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Viewsonic 23in VP2365LED



from Viewsonic

Viewsonic 23in VP2365LED


Photo answers rating rating is 4
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Photo answers review

Photo answers rating rating is 4

Viewsonic’s VP2365LED monitor employs an IPS panel for the best image display performance. For your money you get good build quality and out of the box the base is ready fixed to the rear of the screen. There’s the option of connecting the screen to your PC via VGA or DVI-D and it boasts four additional USB ports but these are tucked away and we’d have preferred two positioned on the side. After pulling out the locking bolt on the side, the screen can be increased and lowered in height as well as tilted, swivelled and rotated by 90 degrees into portrait orientation. Buttons on the front allow you to control brightness, contrast and colour temperature but we found it wasn’t the most intuitive menu system to navigate, occasionally hitting the wrong button to confirm any adjustments. Performance-wise, colour accuracy was good and we were pleased with the way it handled the White point and Black point through the range from the darkest blacks to the brightest whites. There were no obvious signs of banding in our mono gradient test, but in the colour test we noticed minor signs of banding in the green tones, however the red and blue tones were better controlled.


1920x1080 Resolution


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Viewsonic 23in VP2365LED


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