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Epson PX700W

Epson PX700W


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The Epson PX700W is a short and narrow printer with a compact feel and good build quality.

The finish of the Epson PX700W is a nice mix of matt and glossy black and the build quality is good, with a reassuring feel to the adjustable control panel and scanner lid. The initial £175 outlay, not to mention upwards of £54 to fill it up with ink if you buy the cartridges individually, means the Epson PX700W certainly isn’t cheap, but if it’s features and functionality you’re after, this model doesn’t disappoint. There’s print, copy and fax, wireless connectivity, CD/DVD printing, printing from memory card or PictBridge and dual paper trays. Printing from a computer the usual Epson interface is easy to get to grips with but it’s with the computer-free printing that this model really shines. Using the control panel, the Epson PX700W is packed with slideshows, a wide range of photo adjustments, customized greeting cards, not to mention printing out ruled paper or backing up your images to USB or CD, and what’s more all of these functions are easy to navigate through the intuitive menu system and well-placed controls. Print performance from memory card was quick at just 25secs, although from Photoshop we clocked it at a more average 78secs.

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Photo answers rating rating is 4

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Epson PX700W


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