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Canon Pixma MP630


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The Canon Pixma MP630 has a stylish look and feel about it, with a black and silver finish and flip-up front panel that incorporates the 2.5in LCD screen.

Despite the low price, the build quality of the Canon Pixma MP630 is great. Yes, it’s predominantly plastic, but there are some nice touches: the paper receiver opens automatically with a smooth and cushioned action, the front flip panel is nicely weighted, and there’s a cover to protect the memory card slots.  Its best feature is the 5-ink system that boasts a 1pl ink droplet size for ‘lab-quality’ prints and there’s also a 4800ppi scanner, CD/DVD printing, dual paper trays, and a range of LCD options like slideshows, index sheet or easy printing from a memory card. Operation and image editing using the LCD screen is intuitive, thanks to the easy-to-navigate menu system and scroll wheel, but if you plan to connect the MP630 to a computer, note that it isn’t wireless. Canon claims the MP630 prints a ‘standard’ 10x15cm photo in 20secs, although at high quality we clocked it at 73secs, which is average for the test. At £140 it looks a bargain but watch out for ink costs, especially if you buy the cartridges individually. 
Canon claims the Pixma MP630 delivers photo-lab quality prints and you know what, we agree! The 1pl ink droplet size really does put this model on top with outstanding print quality that’s as good as you’ll get from a high-street lab. At £140 it represents great value for money with good features, ease of use and outstanding results. If you can cope without wireless connectivity, the Pixma MP630 is the one to go for.

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Photo answers rating rating is 5

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Canon Pixma MP630


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