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Samsung NX11



from Samsung

Samsung NX11


Photo answers rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 0

The Samsung NX11 fits into the CSC category in that it manages to squeeze a 14.6Mp CMOS APS-C sensor inside its petite body and features a unique NX-lens mount.

Photo answers review

Photo answers rating rating is 4

The only issue with the Samsung NX11’s NX mount is that it’s still fairly new and is only currently supported by five NX-series lenses, which may restrict you if you plan to expand the system in the short term, The 18-55mm lens does offer the same 27-82.5mm 35mm focal length to the D3100 and K-r, though.

Features & performance

The ISO range spans from 100-3200 with no room for expansion and because it’s a CSC the autofocus system it uses is the Contrast-Detect type. Single and Continuous AF are both featured, as are four AF area modes with the choice of Single, Multi, Face Detection and Self Portrait AF, however there’s no focus-tracking functionality. The electronic viewfinder has a 921k-dot resolution and provides a 100% field of view. There’s an eye sensor that automatically detects when the camera’s lifted to your eye, but there’s a slight delay when switching back to Live View. The 3in screen at the rear displays at a 614k-dot resolution. Being the AMOLED type rather than LCD, it’s designed to provide true-to-life colours and sharper images. Picking up the NX11 it feels more like an entry-level D-SLR than a CSC and this is mainly down to the rubberised and well-sculpted handgrip. A single command dial is located behind the shutter button but for most adjustments you’ll need to use the NX11’s i-function feature, which lets you toggle through Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO and White Balance settings using a button on the lens before adjusting with the manual focus ring. As for AF performance, it’s a tad sluggish; the AF points can’t be positioned in the far corners of the frame as they’re restricted to an inner boundary and AF point selection is a little fiddly to make as you have to use the central D-Pad button.


Street Price: £349 (with 18-55mm lens)
Resolution: 14.6Mp
Lens Mount: NX Mount
Crop Factor: 1.5x
Focusing: Contrast Detect AF
Viewfinder: EVF(921k-dot with 100% coverage)
Burst Rate: 3fps (3 RAW & 30 JPEG)
ISO Range: 100-3200
Shutter range: 30-1/4000sec
Screen: 3in, 614k-dot AMOLED
Video: 1280x720@30fps
Storage: SD, SDHC (Up to 32GB)
Weight: 353g
Dimensions: 123x87x39.8mm



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Samsung NX11


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