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Nikon V1



from Nikon

Nikon V1


Photo answers rating rating is 4
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Nikon is the latest manufacturer to enter the CSC market and its V1 model is designed to offer D-SLR quality in a small body with an interchangeable lens design.

Photo answers review

Photo answers rating rating is 4

The Nikon V1 is the highest-spec model in Nikon’s CSC range but just like its J1 cousin, it features a unique Nikon 1-Series lens mount ready to accept Nikon’s new line of 1-Series lenses. Currently, only four lenses support this system and taking the 2.7x crop factor into consideration, the 10-30mm lens we tested it with is equal to 27-81mm in film terms.
Behind the lens mount lies a CX -format sensor which measures 13.2x8.8mm, producing a 10.1Mp resolution that’s considerably lower than many of its closest rivals. ISO spans a respectable 100-6400 and the V1’s Expeed 3 processor enables it to shoot at a breathtaking 60fps, thanks to the choice of either a Mechanical or Electronic shutter, with the latter allowing you to shoot as fast as 1/16,000sec. Supporting Full HD video (1920x1080) and an interesting slow-motion mode that records at 640x240pixels@400fps or 320x120px@1200fps, the V1 also features a Motion Snap Shot mode that’s capable of merging a 2secs slow motion movie with a still image. There’s also a Smart Photo Selector mode which uses pre-post capture technology to shoot 20 high-resolution images before and after the shutter has fired, to let you choose the pick of the bunch.


Without any form of rubberised handgrip it feel slightly less refined in the hand than others in this range. With only On/Off, Shutter and Movie-rec buttons on the top-plate, there’s no mode dial either, making it rather slow to set up. The main menu has to be used each time you’d like to change exposure mode, ISO, image size and metering mode, which becomes tedious over time. To its credit, the V1 does sport an in-built EVF (with 1440k-dot resolution). The same can’t be said for an in-built flash, however; Nikon’s SB-N5 Speedlight costs an additional £130 and attaches via the accessory port.
AF performance was impressive and the joint phase-detect/contrast detect AF system matched the Lumix GX1 in terms of speed. AF points can be moved to the far edge of the frame, though not right to the top, and we noted signs of hunting only in very dim lighting.


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Nikon V1


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