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Canon PowerShot A3200 IS



from Canon

Canon PowerShot A3200 IS


Photo answers rating rating is 5
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The Canon Powershot A3200 IS weighs in at 149g and although it’s pocket-sized, its dimensions mean it fits in the hand really well.

Photo answers review

Photo answers rating rating is 5

With its metal body and clean, simple lines the Canon Powershot A3200 is a joy to hold. The buttons all sit within easy reach of the thumb, too, making camera operation feel second nature. Combine this with the simple and intuitive menu system and you have a camera that couldn’t be easier to use.
The A3200 looks great, with a simple yet functional shape and an elegantly curved front. There are four colours to choose from – orange, blue, sliver, pink.
The PowerShot A3200 IS isn’t all style over substance though; it has a 14Mp sensor and provides an Auto mode, Easy mode, Program and 22 Scene modes to choose from. It also shoots HD video at 720p and accepts SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. 
Look to the lens and you’ll find a 5x zoom giving a film equivalent of 28-140mm – a large range of focal lengths which make this a great all-round camera. The lens also has an optical Image Stabilizer to reduce camera shake in low-light conditions – a feature that’s usually only found in higher-spec models.
Put through our tests, the PowerShot A3200 IS held its own. It wasn’t the quickest to capture, or to record to memory card, but it made up for this with a quick startup time and focusing speed. Optically the A3200 IS is right up there with the best, boasting crisp, sharp images, a consistent White Balance and good Noise handling – even at higher ISO settings.

Digital Photo Silver Award


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Canon PowerShot A3200 IS


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