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Canon EOS 60D



from Canon

Canon EOS 60D


Photo answers rating rating is 4
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The Canon EOS 60D is the latest member in Canon’s two-digit line of D-SLRs and follows on from the likes of the 30D, 40D and 50D.

Photo answers review

Photo answers rating rating is 4

Sitting in-between the Canon 600D and EOS 7D in Canon’s current lineup, the Canon 60D features a polycarbonate body rather than a magnesium alloy type, meaning the exterior doesn’t share the same solid, durable feel as some of its closest rivals, but that said, the handgrip is well moulded and feels glued to the hand with the best of the four rubberised grips.
At its heart lies an 18Mp APS-C chip that’s identical to the sensors housed inside the 600D and 7D, producing an impressive 5184x3456 pixel resolution. With an ISO range of 100-6400, you’re given the option of expanding it to an equivalent of 12,800, but this isn’t as wide-ranging as some other models which shoot up to ISO 25,600 and beyond.
Rather than utilising the 19-point AF system from the 7D, the 60D relies on a basic 9-point AF arrangement in a diamond formation. All 9 AF points are cross-type and to select the target you’d like to use, you hold the AF button and use the scroll dial behind the shutter or the directional buttons at the rear. 

Metering system

The 63-zone dual-layer metering system analyses focus, colour and luminance information with a choice of four metering modes (Evaluative, Partial, Centre Weighted, Spot) and the layout of buttons at the rear is not too dissimilar to the 600D so anyone upgrading from this model will feel right at home. The 3in, 1040k-dot screen is the vari-angle type meaning it can be swivelled and pulled out to the side. Displaying in the same 3:2 aspect as the sensor records, it’s good to use in combination with Live View and the Live View button doubles up as a movie-rec button for filming HD videos at a 1920x1080 resolution with 24 or 25fps frame rates to choose from. AF mode, continuous shooting (5.3fps), ISO and metering mode all have their own dedicated buttons on the top- plate and the four-way controller is interlinked with a scroll dial around the perimeter for viewing shots easily in playback mode.
Focusing quickly on subjects in One Shot AF, AI Focus and AI Servo modes, our only main gripe was the lock-on speed in Live View, which wasn’t as fast as we’d have liked, occasionally waiting up to 3secs for the camera to focus. Loaded with an SDHC card, we managed to rattle out 16 consecutive RAW files at 5.3fps before the buffer was full.

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Canon EOS 60D


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