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Canon EOS 1100D



from Canon

Canon EOS 1100D


Photo answers rating rating is 4
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Earlier this year Canon refreshed its entry-level lineup with the 1100D, which sits just below the 600D in the company’s D-SLR range.

Photo answers review

Photo answers rating rating is 4

Improving on the 1000D, the Canon 1100D features a larger 12.2Mp APS-C 12.2Mp CMOS sensor and a 1.6x crop factor, meaning the 18-55mm kit lens is equivalent to 28.8-88mm in film terms. The lens adopts Canon’s Image Stabiliser (IS) technology to reduce the effects of camera shake and the ISO range runs between 100-6400, but this is a one-stop disadvantage in comparison to the D3100, A35 and K-r which all shoot at ISO 12800.

Features & performance

Being a D-SLR, the 1100D features a phase-detect AF system with 9-AF points laid out in a diamond formation, with one cross-type point in the middle for precise focusing. There are three AF modes to choose from – AI Focus, One Shot and AI Servo. At the rear a 2.7in, 230k-dot resolution screen sits beneath the optical viewfinder, which offers 95% frame coverage and Live View is accessed quickly with a dedicated button alongside. On the top-plate there’s a handy button to manually activate the pop-up flash and the mode dial gives you the choice of manual (P,S,A,M) or six Scene modes.
HD video is also available and is recorded at 1280x720 @25fps with a maximum record time of 17minutes.
It’s fair to say the 1100D has a predominantly plastic finish and doesn’t feel as rugged in the hand as some of its closest rivals without any kind of rubber handgrip. That said, the arrangement and size of the buttons is excellent and the Quick Menu lets you change image quality, white balance and metering modes in an instant. As there’s only one command dial, the AF point selection button has to be depressed before the AF point can be repositioned in the frame and in operation AF performed well, locking onto subjects with minimal fuss and no signs of hesitation. Our only slight gripe with AF is that it can’t be used when recording video, so you’re limited to using manual focus only.


Street Price: £399 (with 18-55mm
kit lens)
Resolution: 12.2Mp
Lens Mount: Canon EF-S
Crop Factor: 1.6x
Focusing: 9-point selectable
Viewfinder: Optical (95% coverage)
Burst Rate: 3fps (3 RAW and Unlimited JPEG)
ISO Range: 100-6400
Shutter range: 30-1/4000sec
Screen: 2.7in, 230k-dot
Video: 1280x720p@25fps
Weight: 495g
Dimensions: 129x99.7x77.9mm



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Canon EOS 1100D


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