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Practical Photography Magazine

Practical Photography delivers a diverse range of content that teaches photo enthusiasts to take better photos and how to creatively enhance them in Photoshop.

We started out life in 1957 under the title of Popular Photography. It wasn’t until 1959 that we evolved the magazine and name to Practical Photography.

Although a great deal has moved on since the 1950s, our first strapline still holds true today: ‘Britain’s how-to-do-it photo magazine’. 
Practical Photography prides itself on staying right at the forefront of both creative and technical advancement in photography. In recent years we have helped guide our readers through the digital revolution by testing all the new Digital SLRs and camera accessories, as well as offering photographers vital step-by-step tuition and advice on how to get the best from their digital cameras.

Frequency: 13 issues per year
Cover Price: £4.99

Practical Photography - October 2014

The October issue of Practical Photography is an essential read for fans of landscapes and fashion. Featuring an in-depth technique guide to the 21st century’s most creative landscape skills, the six projects range from epic Hockney-inspired collages to artistic panning and beyond. There’s also a detailed ‘how to’ fashion feature courtesy of top pro Natalie J Watts, in which she leads us through a step-by-step to shooting stylish images on a shoestring budget. The results will blow you away!

Elsewhere in the magazine, we’ve got a brilliant ‘painting with light’ masterclass, the inside scoop on amazing extreme weather images, a complete guide to recovering underexposed images, and exclusive reviews of the new Pentax 645Z medium-format DSLR and the best DSLRs for under £500.

Plus, we’ve got a load of special reader offers - get a complete SRB soft grad filters kit for just £29.95, and save £15 on your first MyPhotoBook order.

We’ve even revamped our exclusive ‘Learn Photography Now’ cover disc, which now features the biggest and best interactive content on the market. This month, watch our on location macro masterclass, an expert guide to shooting great music festival portraits, and go behind-the-scenes at an alt fashion shoot…


The latest episode of ‘Learn Photography Now’ plus a full Lightroom tutorial on recovering lost detail in underexposed landscapes

22-page ‘Easy Steps to Better Photos’ minimag, focusing on landscapes, portraits, still life and action

Six exclusive sharpening Actions for Photoshop and Elements

Camera buyer’s guide – every DSLR and CSC model reviewed and rated, with key spec and latest prices


Master the art of 21st century landscapes: From saturated streaks of colour to grungy textures and surreal photo collages, we’ve got six exciting projects that will radically alter the way you see the world around you.

Dedicated follower of fashion: Award-winning photographer Guy Farrow showcases his dramatic fashion images, and also shares the secrets to becoming a successful fashion photographer.

Beginner’s guide to shooting fashion on a budget: We go behind-the-scenes with photographer Natalie J Watts to discover just how easy it is to shoot stylish fashion images, without breaking the bank.

Let’s twist again: Brandon Goforth shares the story behind his epic tornado image and reminds us just how dangerous storm chasing can be.

Camera School: Module 6 focuses on low light drama and looks at traffic trails and the technique behind painting with light.

Know your stuff: How to take better wildlife images at the zoo, are LED lights a viable alternative to flash, what is the best free editing software, and ‘dragging the shutter’ explained.

Editing suite: Recover detail in your underexposed shots, apply easy skin retouching for pro quality portraits, and add dramatic contrast to localised areas of an image.

Get into gear: An exclusive first look at the Pentax 645Z, the most affordable medium-format DSLR ever, eight DSLRs under £500 go head-to-head, five sub-£200 tripods reviewed and much more.