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Practical Photography Magazine

Frequency: 13 issues per year
Cover Price: £4.99

The March issue of Practical Photography is on sale now and we’re giving away an exclusive retro Actions bundle courtesy of FilterGrade. Plus, get a complete guide to aperture and depth-of-field - discover the secrets behind sharpness and blur and learn to use depth-of-field to your creative advantage.

The new issue includes…

132-page magazine packed with the best camera and editing projects and ideas, in-depth techniques guides, exclusive interviews with top pros and the best product reviews.

Learn Photography Now video disc with 50 minutes of photo skills, techniques, tips & Photoshop tutorials.

Updated Complete Camera Guide with prices, specs and reviews of every DSLR and CSC on the market right now.

Exclusive retro Actions bundle from FilterGrade.

Two frequency separation Actions, two Photoshop tutorials, and more!


Take control of aperture: Maximise sharpness & reveal detail, use blur to guide the viewer’s eye, and five creative effects you must try.

Pro Interview: Inspired by art and Greek mythology, Bella Kotak has created a fine art portfolio that’s as enchanting as it is mysterious. Find out how she works her magic.

21st century still life: Breathe new life into this traditional genre with three creative projects to get you started.

Labour of love: Three years in a hide in the far reaches of the British Isles may not sound like fun to some, but for Laurie Campbell it’s a chance to see golden eagles up close.

Capture & Create: Add a surreal twist to food photography with an eye-catching technique that’s unbelievably easy.

Best entry-level flashguns: Six budget strobes go head-to-head in this comprehensive group test.

My photo project: Adopting a more nocturnal approach to traditional landscapes, Ollie Taylor’s ‘Dreamscapes’ project turns convention on its head.

Know your stuff: Flashgun features, chromatic aberration fixes, star trails and more.

Editing suite: Rescue flash portraits by using Adjustment Layers, correct converging verticals with Camera Raw’s Lens Correction, and more.

Get into gear: Nikon’s new 200-500mm lens, Leica’s pricey SL CSC, the best entry-level flashguns, budget flash triggers, and more.