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Practical Photography Magazine

Practical Photography delivers a diverse range of content that teaches photo enthusiasts to take better photos and how to creatively enhance them in Photoshop.

We started out life in 1957 under the title of Popular Photography. It wasn’t until 1959 that we evolved the magazine and name to Practical Photography.

Although a great deal has moved on since the 1950s, our first strapline still holds true today: ‘Britain’s how-to-do-it photo magazine’. 
Practical Photography prides itself on staying right at the forefront of both creative and technical advancement in photography. In recent years we have helped guide our readers through the digital revolution by testing all the new Digital SLRs and camera accessories, as well as offering photographers vital step-by-step tuition and advice on how to get the best from their digital cameras.

Frequency: 13 issues per year
Cover Price: £4.99

Practical Photography - August 2014

The August issue of Practical Photography is packed with loads of new and exciting camera skills to try, loads of great free gifts, and loads of photo inspiration. If you’ve never tried flash, or even if you’re a flash ninja, our 14-page comprehensive guide gives you the tips, techniques and gear for shooting a huge variety of subjects, from portraits and nature to live music and action. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a landscape pro’s guide to harnessing the power of composition, the lowdown on high-speed action and panning, and a massive 50mm prime lens group test. Whatever you’re into, you’re going to be busy!

As always, we’ve also got the latest episode of ‘Learn Photography Now’, our unique 30-minute TV show featuring loads of expert hands-on advice.


The latest episode of ‘Learn Photography Now’ features a beginner’s guide to shooting off-camera flash, a landscape composition masterclass with Tim and James, and a video tutorial on how to create a funky Lensbaby-style effect in Elements. Plus, we go behind the scenes with TV channel London Live to find out why they film with DSLRs. Also on the CD…

25-page ‘Get creative with landscapes’ minimag

3 exclusive Summer Haze Actions for Photoshop and Elements

Updated camera guide – every DSLR and CSC model reviewed and rated


Complete guide to shooting with flash: From pop-up flash and on-camera flash to off-camera flash and beyond, we’ve got the gear recommendations, the settings and the technique you need to know.

What lies beneath: Award-winning photographer and marine biologist Alex Mustard takes us to the depths of the ocean with his up-close-and-personal underwater photographs.

How to shoot amazing summer landscapes: Pro landscaper Chris Herring shows how to harness the power and versatility of the rule-of-thirds to find the perfect visual balance for every stunning location.

Motorcross carnage: Sports photography supremo Bob Martin shares the secrets behind his explosive motocross image, and how capturing an amazing image can sometimes result in dirt-ridden gear.

Camera School: Module 4 looks at high-speed action and how to freeze moving subjects.

Know your stuff: How to get great holiday images, how to control your camera remotely, the exposure triangle explained, and why it’s important to regularly calibrate your computer screen.

Editing suite: Give your shots a dynamic Lensbaby-style blur effect, add power and drama with a high-contrast edit, and use Quickmask for easy and accurate retouching.

Get into gear: A massive budget 50mm prime lens group test, in-depth reviews of the Nikon 1 J4, the world’s slimmest and lightest CSC, and the Samsung NX Mini.