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Practical Photography Magazine

Frequency: 13 issues per year
Cover Price: £4.99

Practical Photography - January 2015

The January issue is all about photographing winter wildlife on your doorstep… quite literally! In our in-depth guide, three of Britain’s best wildlife photographers explain how to attract animals into your garden and shoot images you’ll be proud of. 

We’ve also got exclusive interviews with the world’s three most influential photographers, the return of Camera School, a massive festive gift guide, and a whole lot more.

Plus, there’s the latest installment of Learn Photography Now, our acclaimed interactive CD-ROM, this time featuring a fascinating seminar courtesy of top wildlife photographer Chris Weston.


The latest episode of Learn Photography Now features an in-depth talk from the UK’s best wildlife photographer, Chris Weston, who gives an insight into his amazing images. Plus, there’s an on location guide to modifying flash light and a Photoshop tutorial on Levels.

You’ll also find an exclusive 32-page minimag of basic skills for Photoshop, six exclusive Levels-based Photoshop Actions, and an updated camera buyer’s guide, with concise reviews and specifications for every current DSLR and CSC model.


How to shoot incredible winter wildlife: Pro photographers Simon Roy, Ben Hall and Tom Mason share their expertise to help you attract wildlife into your garden and take your best ever animal shots.

Call of the wild: BBC photographer Jules Cox braves sub-zero blizzards to capture the best wildlife the UK has to offer. Find out his secrets!

Learn from the world’s most influential photographers: Social media giants Scott Kelby, Joel Grimes and Jeremy Cowart explain why the internet is a photographer’s best friend.

P-P-Pick up a penguin: National Geographic ace Paul Souders shares the story behind his dramatic image of a leopard seal chasing a penguin.

Camera School: It’s back – sign up here! Module 1 features a complete step-by-step on how to shoot moving water and add a new dimension to your landscapes.

Know your stuff: Why winter is perfect for landscapes, which is the best pocketable camera for you, what aperture to use, and focusing modes explained.

Editing suite: Improve image brightness with Adjustment Layers, take more creative control of colours using Levels, and use blending modes for easy exposure correction.

Get into gear: We’ve got 57 exciting festive gift ideas in our stylish Christmas guide. Plus, an in-depth review of the long-awaited Canon 7D MkII!