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Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo magazine is the first choice for photographers looking to take and make better pictures. With easy-to-follow projects, tips and techniques, every issue comes with a free CD-ROM packed with video lessons so you can learn new photo and imaging skills the smart way.

Frequency: 13 times a year
Cover Price: £4.99 an issue

Digital Photo - January 2015

Digital Photo January 2015, Issue 189

Inside the January issue of Digital Photo you’ll find the 40 greatest Photoshop tips, tricks and techniques on this planet, plus inspired ideas and camera techniques for the creative shots you must capture this winter!

There are loads of brilliant photo ideas to try today, and seven free gifts for better photos:

PhotoSkills video lesson CD with 15 new tutorials

DxO Filmpack 3 Essentials Edition editing software

Five bonus tutorials for creative imaging techniques

In the January issue…

Photoshop Genius – The world’s greatest tips, tricks & techniques
Unlock your creativity in our big Photoshop section… master Selections, learn about Layers, speed up workflow, boost contrast, convert RAWs, blur backgrounds, sharpen images, balance exposure, enhance skies, recompose pics, and much more!

Fresh ideas
Capture a magical Christmas portrait using a few easily-found props.

Essential skills
Discover why Noise occurs in your images, and how you can fix it.

Creative camera
Take a set of consecutive long exposures to record the earth’s rotation as star trails.

Inside the image
Expert insight on how to use dewdrops as miniature lenses to refract a subject.

Planet Photo
Get inspired by our gallery of beautiful pics taken by the world’s best photographers.

Get the shot
Great photographers reveal how they got their pics – and how you can do it too.

Photo Answers
Choosing your next lens, using a camera’s custom modes, shooting long exposures with filters, the secrets of sharp pics in Bulb mode, plus much more.

The Big Interview – Mark Gee
By day he works as a visual effects supervisor on the biggest movies, but at night, goes in search of starry landscapes.

Gear focus
In-depth reviews of six budget CSCs for under £400, Tamron’s latest long telezoom lens, a new premium compact from Fuji, and nine great Christmas gift ideas.