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Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo magazine is the first choice for photographers looking to take and make better pictures. With easy-to-follow projects, tips and techniques, every issue comes with a free CD-ROM packed with video lessons so you can learn new photo and imaging skills the smart way.

Frequency: 13 times a year
Cover Price: £4.99 an issue

Digital Photo - May 2016

Digital Photo May 2016, Issue 207

Get creative with Layers to transform your images with the experts tips and advice in the May issue of Digital Photo. Use Layers to create a surreal portrait, improve colour, add a water reflection, transform RAWs into stunning shots, and more. Plus, get to grips with your camera’s Mode dial, find out how to use lenses in a fresh new way and learn some useful photo fixes. All this, with inspiring techniques for stunning images, reader galleries, constructive critique and tests of the latest gear.

There are loads of brilliant photo ideas to try today, and these free gifts for better photos:

PhotoSkills video lesson CD with 8 new tutorials

Free Reflection Effects Kit


In the May issue…

Photoshop Genius – use Layers like a pro!
Get to grips with the power of Layers – understand the different types, create a surreal composite portrait, edit images the smart was with Adjustment Layers, create realistic water reflections, and much more!

Break the rules with lenses
Rules are made to be broken! Discover how to get creative with focal length and see how to use different optics to shoot in new ways.

Something for the weekend
Combine your shooting and Photoshop skills to create amazing trick shots that make a subject invisible.

It works for me
Readers share the images they’ve created after being inspired by Digital Photo projects.

Master your camera
In-depth info about your camera’s Mode dial, so you can pick the right setting for your scene.

Bucketlist locations
Discover the UK’s best spots to take stunning shots – Southwold’s glorious pier and the Millennium Bridge.

Why this shot works
Expert insight on the camera skills and creativity used to capture a striking, reflective portrait.

Planet Photo
Fuel your passion with our gallery of pics and stories from the world’s best photographers.

Out of the ordinary
Take on the challenge of shooting an eye. Our experts share their approach, and invite your to have a go too.

Photo answers
Expert advice on shooting familiar sights in creative ways, reducing Noise from older cameras, controlling exposure with optical filters, when you need to shoot in Manual mode, and much more!

How did they do that?
Extreme sports photographer Sebastian Wahlhuetter shares the story behind his pics.

Gear focus
We test six of the best photo book printing services; the latest pro-spec DSLR from Nikon, the D5, is rated; and some of the photo world’s latest gadgets are reviewed.