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Digital Photo magazine is the first choice for photographers looking to take and make better pictures. With easy-to-follow projects, tips and techniques, every issue comes with a free CD-ROM packed with video lessons so you can learn new photo and imaging skills the smart way.

Frequency: 13 times a year
Cover Price: £4.99 an issue

Digital Photo January 2016, Issue 202

Discover how to create pictures bursting with colour and detail using the expert HDR tips and techniques in the January issue of Digital Photo. Balance shadows and highlights, get stylised pics, extract detail from a single RAW, get a natural look or go all-out with a MaxDR finish for your best HDR-style shots ever. Plus use our special template to turn a winter scene into a virtual snowglobe, get graphic pop-art portraits with our 50 free paint effects, shoot a candlelit Christmas portrait, read tests of the latest gear and much more.

There are loads of brilliant photo ideas to try today, and these free gifts for better photos:

PhotoSkills video lesson CD with 10 new tutorials

Free HDR Photomatix software plugin

50 custom paint effects


In the January issue…

Photoshop Genius – HDR & Photoshop projects special
Balance tones in an image, get stylized pics with Photomatix Essentials software, extract detail from a single RAW, get a natural HDR look and get to grips with MaxDR for your best HDR images. Plus get graphic portraits with our 50 free paint effects, create a winter snowglobe, make an intriguing tunnel portrait and enhance tricky contre-jour shots in Lightroom.

Something for the Christmas week
Combine your shooting and Photoshop skills to create beautiful festive portraits using candlelight.

Master your camera
Improve your shooting knowledge and your lighting skills with our in-depth guide to pop-up flash.

Make your own gear
Harsh sunlight will provide too much contrast, so discover how to tone it down for next-to-nothing!

Why this shot works
Expert insight on the composition and camera techniques used to create a stunning still-life.

Planet Photo
Get inspired by our gallery of beautiful pics and stories from the world’s best photographers.

Out of the ordinary
Take on the challenge of turning a simple house brick into a creative image. Our three experts reveal their approach, and invite you to try your hand, too!

Welcome to MaxDR!
How to blend merged HDRs with their source files for striking shots.

Photo answers
Expert advice on setting up your DSLR’s dioptre for a sharp viewfinder image, getting cloning to look natural, the benefits of back-button focusing, and how to spot a USB 3.0 port.

The big interview – Alessio Putzu
The pro landscape photographer reveals what it takes to make great scenic shots, and explains the extraordinary lengths he goes to.

Gear focus
Five bargain entry-level compact system camera go up against each other in our big group test, Ricoh’s premium compact GR II is put through its paces and Adobe’s latest low-cost imaging package Elements 14 is reviewed.