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Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo magazine is the first choice for photographers looking to take and make better pictures. With easy-to-follow projects, tips and techniques, every issue comes with a free CD-ROM packed with video lessons so you can learn new photo and imaging skills the smart way.

Frequency: 13 times a year
Cover Price: £4.99 an issue

Digital Photo - Spring 2015

Digital Photo Spring 2015, Issue 193

Rescue shots straight from RAW with the expert tips and techniques in the Spring issue of Digital Photo. Adjust exposure, restore detail, enhance colour, inject contrast and even recompose a shot, to bring pictures back from the brink and transform them into beautiful images.

There are loads of brilliant photo ideas to try today, and six free gifts for better photos:

PhotoSkills video lesson CD with 9 new tutorials

Five bonus tutorials for creative imaging techniques

In the Spring issue…

Photoshop Genius – Rescue any shot from RAW
Unlock your creativity in our big Photoshop section… release the full potential of a RAW file to balance exposure, control colour, reveal hidden detail, adjust lighting, reduce noise, recompose a scene, boost and much more!

Fresh ideas
Get clever with your tripod to rustle up ultra-low-angle shots of familiar scenes.

Creative camera
Shoot a spooky self-portrait reflection by tapping in to a spectrophobic fear.

Essential skills
Improve your shooting knowledge with our guide to using exposure modes.

Inside the image
Expert insight on how fantastic night-time HDR shots of cities are captured.

Planet Photo
Get inspired by our gallery of beautiful pics taken by the world’s best photographers.

Get the shot
Great photographers reveal how they got their pics – and how you can do it too.

Photo Answers
What to look for when upgrading your computer, how to add a digital signature, how to diagnose AF problems, and more.

The Big Interview – Dani Diamond
The pro photographer reveals how his approach for shooting natural-light portraits has been shaped by 2.5 millions views.

Gear focus
In-depth reviews of four tiny compact system cameras, Nikon’s latest D-SLR D550 with 24Mp sensor and 5fps frame rate, the Lytro Illum that allows focus to be decided on post-capture, and more.