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Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo magazine is the first choice for photographers looking to take and make better pictures. With easy-to-follow projects, tips and techniques, every issue comes with a free CD-ROM packed with video lessons so you can learn new photo and imaging skills the smart way.

Frequency: 13 times a year
Cover Price: £4.99 an issue

Digital Photo - September 2015

Digital Photo September 2015, Issue 198

Produce pro-quality black & white images
direct from RAW files in Lightroom with the expert tips and techniques in the September issue of Digital Photo. From basic skills to advance split-toning techniques, follow the step-by-steps to create impressive mono images from any subject. Plus, we head to the coast to explore its photographic potential and reveal an array of tips and techniques you can use to capture it creatively.

There are loads of brilliant photo ideas to try today, and seven free gifts for better photos:

PhotoSkills video lesson CD with 9 new tutorials

50 free Lightroom presets for instant mono effects

Five bonus tutorials for creative imaging techniques

In the September issue…

Lightroom Genius – black & white special
Use Lightroom to create stunning mono images… add a splash of colour toning to black & white images, make gritty black & white portraits, inject drama with light & shade, and much more!

Something for the weekend
Combine your shooting and Photoshop skills to create an action sequence.

Master your camera
Improve your shooting knowledge with our in-depth guide to using your ISO control.

Make your own gear
Create a custom home for your kit so it’s safe from harm when not being used.

Why this shot works
Expert insight on the secrets of success behind a carefully-considered still-life.

Planet Photo
Get inspired by our gallery of beautiful pics taken by the world’s best photographers.

Out of the ordinary
Take on the challenge of converting a humdrum window into a creative image.

Head for the coast
Expert tips, advice and inspiring ideas for shooting your best-ever seaside shots.

Photo Answers
Discover the key steps in retouching your portrait shots, learn the art behind accurate manual focusing, declutter your screen in Photoshop, and much, much more.

The Big Interview – Dimitry Roulland
He takes dancers and captures their elegance in urban surroundings. Discover the story behind Dimitry’s unique, beautiful pictures.

Gear focus
We compare four ‘bit stopper’ ND filters for long exposure effects, put the Canon 5DS R through its paces, review On1’s Perfect Photo Suite 9 software and Panasonic’s Lumix G7 with 4K video mode.