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I live in the West Midlands(UK). I broke my 35mm SLR on the first day in America. Quickly purchased a digital COMPACT to tide me over (hence my intro. to the art) and I've been using it ever since. Bought a Canon 350 EOS D-SLR & a couple of lenses in the Jan. 2008 sales - but have yet to use them! I'm a perfectionist, so find it hard to start new things unless I've digested everything about the subject first. Aagh! I've now purchased Elements 6, so there must be a changing of the ways! I love art, galleries, architecture, historical buildings, ballet, good food, Italian church ceilings; genealogy; red wine. I love travel and wish I could do more of it (time rich, cash poor). The shots on my gallery are ALL (still)taken with my basic COMPACT!

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