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Nov 10

Posts: 2

Button79 says:

Beginner - Which DSLR should I get?


I am very new to all this - I have wanted to buy a digital slr for some time now (I did photography back in the day before digital!).  I have a canon g9 which I love but it just isn't quite what I want - I will keep this little beauty but I want more.

I have been saving money and at present I have £300.  Can I get a decent one for this price or would I be better off saving some more?

I like the look of the canon 400D.... or even the 450D but obviously am aware that I could only afford second hand models.  Any one know if this is a bad idea and whether I should try and buy a one new?  I have been reading lots and listening to other peoples advice but finding it all a bit too much and overwhelming.

Many thanks in advance.

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Sep 05

Posts: 5854

HangTen says:

Re: Beginner - Which DSLR should I get?


For a £300 (ish) budget, your choice of new cameras is limited to the entry-level model (& kit lens) from each manufacturer - i.e.

Nikon D3000 + Lens Kit (18-55mm VR)

Canon EOS 1000D + Lens Kit (EF-S 18-55mm)

Olympus E-450 + Lens Kit (14-42mm)

Sony Alpha A230 + Lens Kit (18-55mm)

All the above are available for under £350 if you shop around - Currys have the best prices on the Nikon & Canon at the moment. There's also Pentax, but their entry level K-x + 18-55mm kit lens would be stretching your budget to around £380

Any of the cameras listed above would be capable of good results in the right hands, but be aware that when you buy a DSLR, you're buying into a system; so when deciding on a brand, you need to consider it as a long-term (possibly lifetime) commitment.

As the features and capabilities of cameras in any particular price band are so similar, you should base your choice on handling - i.e. what feels the most comfortable, if the controls fall readily under your fingers and if the menu interface makes sense; so get to a good dealer and handle all the models you're interested in - and don't be swayed by sales talk - your instinct for what feels right for you is your best guide.

As for second-hand, there are some good cameras to be had at reasonable prices if you choose carefully, but I would advise against buying something just because it's a bargain, as it may not be the best camera for you.

~ Terry ~
Ανθρωποι είμαστε, σφάλματα κάνουμε ...

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