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Apr 10

Posts: 1

MikeyH says:

Panasonic Lumix, memory card error.

Hi, ive got a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 camera.

Ive had it for about 2 years now, and its been great up until now.

I would say ive looked after it well, and bought a good protective case for carrying it around in.

Today when i tried inserting the memory card back in, (i had removed it to put it in my card reader and transfer some pictures) and it said memory card error. I have checked that the memory card is not locked. I tried removing it and inserting it a couple of times, but still no luck. I put the memory card back in the card reader, and it read fine. So i tried a different memory card in my camera, and it came up again memory card error. I have tried blowing out the memory card slot, but no fix. When i insert a memory card, its like the camera goes slow for a mute trying to recognise it, but then the error pops up, Memory card error. I have tried formatting the memory card on my PC, but that didn't work either. 3 memory cards have gave me the same problem now, so im guessing its something to do with the part in my camera thats reads them. I have tried doing a reset though the set up memory. I clicked on reset, clicked yes, and also clicked yes to reset parameters and rec. settings.

Does anyone have any ideas? Its the best camera ive ever had, and to me cost alot of money, i use it for taking pictures whilst fishing, but its always been kept safe in a heavy duty protective case. So i know there has not been any water damage or anything like that.

I tried looking for some new firmware or something, could that fix the problem if i can find it? or reset the current firmware? Or do you think its a physical problem and i need to get it into a repair shop. Cant find anything on the panasonic website.


Any advice is appreciated as im really gutted right now.



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Nov 05

Posts: 10542

StephenBatey says:

Re: Panasonic Lumix, memory card error.

My best guess (and it is a guess) is that there are bent pins in the slot that don't mate with the card. If so, then it probably is a repair shop job.

"All the technique in the world doesn't compensate for the inability to notice" - Elliot Erwitt

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Jan 06

Posts: 926

IanB says:

Panasonic Lumix, memory card error

As Stephen said, it would be a good idea to try and check the pins.  Cameras sometimes do not like memory cards that have been formatted with the computer, what happens if you try and format it in the camera?

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magic lighthouse


Feb 08

Posts: 4442

Re: Panasonic Lumix, memory card error.

Hi Mikey sorry to hear about your problem. I had an FZ20 and had no problem with it so can understand your concern. As the FZ7 uses an SD card it is unusual to get bent pins on the camera. This happens with CF cards although both my last cameras have been fine in this respect even though I remove the card every time to put into a card reader. The only thing I can suggest is to peer down the card slot with a torch and you should see 8 or 9 contacts in a row. They are not pins but gold plated slide contacts and reasonably big so should be visible.  If one or more look different from the others, i.e. bent or twisted then this is your problem and the camera will need repairing. It is a strip down job and will need new card contacts so is not a DIY job as the slot gives no access to work in. Failing that try removing the battery for 5 mins and refit. As a last resort contact Panasonic if you can.


The rules for photography are never black and white.

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Apr 15

Posts: 1

samuel61 says:

Lumix Memory Card Error

hii,, If you are facing memory card error problem in the Lumix camera then may be it is because you have mishandled it. You have to format the card to resolve it. And to restore the photos from it you need to use a recovery tool. You can get more information about it at : Panasonic photo recovery

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