Seasonal tip: Shooting sunrises

By PA News Team


02 March 2012 16:36

Shooting sunrises can produce some stunning shots, and with the correct timing the colours produced are breathtaking.

Here are a few tips on how to get started:

First of all you need to think ahead – where you want to take the shot from, how long it will take you to get there, and what you will need.

Keep a close eye on the weather and the sunrise times for the coming days. You will need to be at your shooting point in enough time to set yourself up and be there just as it breaks the horizon.

Bring a tripod with you. To get the detail and sharpness you want, a tripod is imperative to keep your camera steady.

Use the rule of thirds. Every picture can benefit from this technique, and by using the sun as the focal point and placing it in the right position on your composition, you will improve the final image greatly.

Use your camera to do the hard work for you. Because you are shooting in dim light to begin with, but want the skyline and horizon in focus, select aperture priority and an aperture of around f/11. It won’t matter if the camera chooses a slow shutter speed as it will be kept stock still by the tripod.

Keep shooting. As the sun rises, the sky can produce a fantastic array of colours so keep firing off shots until you feel the sun is too high in the sky and the colours have started to even out.

Have fun, and why not upload them to the Photo answers galleries? You can do that here.